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Your One Last Testimony of Love

It is difficult to predict what lies ahead in life. But it is best that one prepares for whatever the future holds.


Those final moments can be difficult for your loved ones: the emotional strain, the limited financial resources, and the detailed and onerous arrangements they need to go through.


You can ease the burden on them by preparing with a life plan.


Life Plan Offerings


  • · Traditional Life Plan
  • · Fixed Value Life Plan
  • · Colossian Life Plan
  • · Corinthian Life Plan
  • · Roman Life Plan
  • · Titus Life Plan

Service Fulfillment Team


Our Family Assistance Service Team (FAST) guarantees peace of mind when the inevitable comes. They will take care the important details through those crucial time of need. A phone call is all that is needed to get the professional help your family needs. With the launch of APEC Financials Memorial Allied Services, the family is assured of a complete one-stop-shop for all memorial requirements. Our FAST is ready to serve you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Hotlines: 856-4055 or 856-4056.


Accredited Servicing Partners


Our timely delivery of service to our planholders is made possible through our partnership with more than 326 accredited mortuaries all over the country.