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APEC's One Enchanting Day
Posted on 4/19/2012

APEC  transforms for YOU…

April 19, 2012 was indeed a special day… with almost 3,000 guests, Enchanted Kingdom (EK) served  as the venue for APEC’s transformation into a personal wealth creating company especially for planholders.
The day started off with a parade of EK characters joined by Financial Associates, plan holders , employees, exhibitors and guests.  This was immediately followed by a program where APEC’s new initiatives to usher in the Company’s transformation were formally launched including:

1.) Policy loan program offering a fixed, low interest rate at flexible payment arrangements;

2.) Franchise and business opportunities available to the  APEC family including retail businesses  and supported by  business and skills development seminars.  The highlight of the business opportunities is to have your own business for  free through APEC’s “Be Your Own Boss” program;

3.) For those interested to join the agency force, personal and professional enhancement is emphasized through multi - media instructional materials support;

4.) Web site that showcases APEC’s various units as well as specialized functionalities for use by planholders, Financial  Associates and employees;

Aligned with the vision of reaching out to every Filipino household nationwide, APEC is also expanding its network through the continuous deployment of Service Fulfillment Officers and Resident Agents. This move allows APEC to immediately provide the needed service also immediately at the time of need.  During the program, BUZZBEE, APEC’s mascot was launched.  Taking the mold of a bee, APEC’s mascot symbolizes exceptional qualities of fine character, service, imagination and diligence.

Not only was the day enchanting, it was enriching and enlightening as well!

As APEC moves forward and transforms into a Company envisioned to serve as a catalyst for personal wealth creation, it shall always be guided by the fact that its existence is because of ONE APEC Community – the financial associates,officers & staff, family & friends and most importantly, its planholders.

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